Monday, December 23, 2013


I am working on this thing for a long time now. Long time for me... since June. First it was exciting because the yarn was a great bargain and I was happy to have bought the last few skeins. June was hot, July hotter and I just couldn't knit this project in the heat of summer. When I was ready to take it out and continue knitting.... I didn't remember from which book the pattern came from. What a bummer, I put it back in the bag and a few weeks later I found the pattern book. It is a slow process ever since. It is knitted from the top down with NO seams. I had to re-do the first sleeve three times until I liked the way it looked.  I am almost done... I started the second sleeve and am done with the cap. Again this is from the top down which includes the sleeves as well. It is actually fairly easy to knit but... no but... I just lost interest in the project. I will however finish it before the week is over. 

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karinsocke said...

Liebe Verona,

dass du die Lust an diesem wunderschönen Projekt verloren hattest, kann ich gar nicht verstehen! Wird eine ganz toll Strickjacke!

Alles Liebe
deine Karin